Monday, December 29, 2008

A few hours without Tristan

Yesterday, I left Tristan alone with Jean-Louis for a few hours while I took off to the Metrotown area. I had to go to the walk-in-clinic to see the doctor about the severe allergic reaction on my skin. I still have no idea what I'm allergic to but it is the worst skin rash I have ever experienced. I thought my eczema and cold hives were bad enough and now this :( It's a hot red rash all over my arms and spreading all over my body starting with small red blotches. It's super itchy and I don't know how much longer I can take it. I am now on antibiotics (yes, again) and stronger hydrocortisone cream. I'm so glad I went yesterday because it's getting worst. The rash is creeping up on my breasts too. I think I would be quite devastated if I couldn't breastfeed because of it. When will all these skin problems be over! Can't wait until the spring... unfortunately, winter just started :(

Ok, I kind of went off topic there for a minute. Yes, so for the first time since giving birth, I left Tristan's side. I went to the doctors and then to the mall and it felt really weird to be by myself. Without Jean-Louis too. It sure felt weird. Did I miss Tristan? Not too much but when I got home, I sure was happy to see him. Jean-Louis seemed to have had a great time with him while I was gone. They apparently played the entire time, which was great! I told him not to let Tristan sleep or cry the entire time and he didn't :) I think they bonded very well during that time.


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