Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tristan is turning into a little "us"

He started copying us awhile ago.
Besides the obvious which is that Tristan resembles both Jean-Louis and I, he is really starting to behave just like us. Here are a few examples why you would totally be able to tell that he is our son:
  • We were at Toys R Us recently and there was a boy nearby holding a Lego toy. Tristan watched and then turned to him and told him "that Lego is not on sale." The boy ignored Tristan but then Tristan followed him around the store and kept telling him "but that Lego is NOT on sale." And we die of laughter.
  • These days, a lot of the things I cook is new stuff. Every time I present cooked food or a drink to Jean-Louis, his first response is "is it vegan?" Now Tristan does the same thing when I present him food, "is it vegan?" Even when it clearly isn't like eggs. Ha!
  • When Tristan saw me peeling off some fat off of my meat and putting it on the side of my plate for garbage, he told me I had to eat all of it or else I don't get any fruit after my meal. Yeah, but...oops.
  • Tristan says he is working all the time. When we ask him who he works for, he says "Pete." I work for a guy named Pete. Tristan is like my office receptionist here. He'll pick up the phone and tell me "it's Pete." Yeah, so I guess he does work for Pete too :)
  • Funny faces and noises! Tristan makes them all the time out of the blue. I'm pretty sure he either imitates me or gets it from my genes. I can be quite the goof that way - sorry. *blush*
  • Tristan has playmobil toys and Lego toys. Some may be the same size and mixed together but he knows which is which. Now, Jean-Louis is quite anal about storing playmobil and Lego in their dedicated containers. One day, I was picking up some random toys and putting them in the closest container just to get them out of the way. Tristan quickly corrected me that I was packing toys in the wrong box! Oh. My bad.


harriet glynn said...

Hilarious! That Lego is NOT on sale! *LOL*

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