Friday, March 2, 2012

Swoon For Food

That's the name of my new food blog! Swoon for food. Do you like it? Sorry if you don't because I already bought the domain name :)

Over the past year especially, I have talked way too much about food. That is not what I intended to do with this blog. Every time I talked about food, I kind of felt guilty. It just didn't seem right. To me, a mommy blog should focus mainly on parenting and although eating and meals are an important part of our lives as parents, it shouldn't be the focus on this blog.

This blog was created so that I would have a space to document our lives as parents and talk about Tristan's development. Most of the information is meant for us personally. Some of the information is shared to help others who are looking for more information. This site has been kept from promotion and has been kept fairly private, if there is such a thing anymore. I did make it searchable though for those who are looking for help and information. Most of the page views I receive here come directly from the search engines. My most popular page is the one I talked about Patient care at Burnaby Hospital's Maternity Unit. That's exactly how I would like to continue to keep this site!

The people who arrive at this blog because they want to read more about the food can now visit my dedicated food blog: Swoon For Food. Now with two separate spaces, the organized maniac in me feels so much better! :)


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