Thursday, March 15, 2012

From crib to junior bed

We finally did it. We converted Tristan's standard crib into a junior bed for him a week ago. There is definitely more room for him to grow but to him, there seems to be no change. It's still the same crib but much longer :) We kept the height the same for now since he is still a bit short and he could fall out. Even with the previous crib, I found him sleeping on the floor once. Oops. The junior bed will support him until he is around 10 years old. Or until he is sick of it? I guess we'll just see.

He is very happy in it! No adjustment was needed and he just feels like such a big boy now :) Every time he tells us "look, see how big I am?" he lies on the floor and shows us how long he is. Yes, it is true. He is a VERY big boy and growing fast. I kind of miss my baby in him:(

Tristan in his crib about a week ago. Tight much?
"Look, see how big I am?"


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