Monday, March 19, 2012

Snowshoeing with small kids on Mount Seymour

We finally got to use our Groupon for snowshoeing on Mount Seymour! I'm so glad we got to use it two weeks before it expired. Considering they sold something like 5000 Groupons I was scared everyone would be rushing to use it at the last minute. We were smart to arrive early in the morning too because the line up was out the door in the afternoon.

We have never been on Mount Seymour before. It's smaller than Cypress but larger than Grouse. We took Tristan and tagged along with my sister and her family. Tristan got to play around with his two older cousins as well. If the objective was to go walk and be in snow, we certainly achieved that. There was lots of fresh snow and it pretty much snowed the entire time we were there too. We spent 5 or 6 hours up there. We went on an easy hike all the way around D by the lake and then back again through F. It was plenty of exercise for the kids!

Tristan showing off his snowshoe
Near the end, Tristan got a bit tired of walking so we borrowed his cousin's sleigh and we tried to pull him along. It was a bad idea because the area we were walking in was narrow and had ditches off the trail. I saw us approaching one too but I thought we would try carefully anyway. I wasn't going very fast but Tristan wasn't holding on very tight since he had his gloves on so he fell off the sleigh and right through the branches of the trees below and into the ditch. We were horrified. Jean-Louis quickly jumped in with his snowshoes. I shouted to Jean-Louis that Tristan's head was right there and told him to be careful with his shoes. He almost stepped on Tristan's face with his snowshoes too! Tristan was sort of buried in snow and freaking out. Jean-Louis lifted him and I tried to pull him up. We had a few attempts before I could grab a hold of Tristan's hand. If the ditch was any deeper, we probably would have had to call for help. After that scare, we just walked.

Your typical scene with Tristan snowshoeing

The ditch incident sort of reminded me of when Tristan fell down the stairs when he was only 14 months old. We will thank our lucky stars for this one too because once again, Tristan escaped with no injuries. I know things could have been so much worst. If you ever bring a kids sleigh with you snowshoeing, BE CAREFUL and stay very close together! So with the exception of this unfortunate event, we all seemed to have enjoyed the snow outing. It's definitely nice to be able to drive 45 minutes in Vancouver in March and be in winter wonderland. It didn't snow much down here this winter so the kids were very excited to go up the mountain. The snow was pretty and all but I was a bit "snowed out" by the end of the day. It was somewhat of a relief to go down the mountain and be back on dry land :)


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