Monday, December 12, 2011

Adult party with the kids

This past Saturday we hosted a Christmas potluck at our place. The party started at 4PM, which all the adults thought was bizarrely early. We figured an early start would mean an early end. Tristan was there and so were his two young cousins. We wanted an adult-like party with nice adult conversations but we wanted to include the kids as well. It turned out well since the kids played well together and pretty much entertained themselves most of the evening:) They were all surprising well behaved. Tristan didn't nap all day and ended up being awake from 7:30AM until nearly 11PM. Wow.

It was great to mingle with adults again. We even forgot about Tristan here and there throughout the evening. Every so often I would return to mommy-mode and offer him water or wipe his hands down. When I was worried he didn't eat much either than tortilla chips, bread and spinach dip, I prepared him a bit of the rice and curry around 9PM. His dinner was totally all over the place but that was okay. It was a party so we let it go. Jean-Louis pitched in here and there too when he brought Tristan to go potty. I was drinking wine and mingling, which is something I don't remember doing in a long time. I got to chat with pretty much everyone and I even got to eat lots. That never happens when I play host! Thanks to the potluck, we didn't have to provide all the food so we really did get to relax and have a good time :) In fact, we went shopping in the morning and didn't get back until later in the afternoon. We had only 3 hours to make four dishes of food for the party and clean up! I think we deserve a medal :)

Considering we're both somewhat anti-social, Jean-Louis and I had a great time. Besides wanting to purge the house of food, I think we both needed a social like that.  It was a bit of a nerdy party since we played Pictionary near the end but we thought it kind of suited the crowd we invited :) Even my 7 year old niece participated. We used Tristan's brand new easel to draw for the game. It worked brilliantly and no mess! :) Someone would draw on the whiteboard and when they were done, he would come and erase the board for them. It got so noisy at one point I was afraid the neighbors would complain. I guess that is what happens when you combine wine with Pictionary :) I swear my Pictionary game is like 15 years old. It just proves that you can have a blast with it at any age :)


harriet glynn said...

We have a huge Open House every year, which is a gong show of families. This year, we held it from 4 to 7 and people stayed until 8. Unfortunately Theo came down with a fever that day and actually went to bed in the middle of the party! Normally he just runs around and like you said, we barely see him.

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