Monday, December 19, 2011

Melted snowman sugar cookies

Ever since I first saw them online last year, I knew I wanted to create melted snowmen cookies one day. I was just getting the hang of decorating sugar cookies last year so I didn't want to ruin the cookie. A year later, the cookie didn't look intimidating anymore so I went for it!

It took a bit longer than I expected since I had to cut everything out manually. I tried creating as many different looks as possible with the shapes, colors, and accessories I made with fondant. My fondant was actually quite soft and moist so I didn't need to heat it up from the fridge. It worked better this way because I think if it dried up too much, it would have been hard to bite into. Starting off with a softer and moister fondant is the way to go, especially for the head. This was the first time I used fondant on a sugar cookie. I loved the effect it had on the cookie. There is just something about 3-dimensional cookies that shout out "super cool!"

I loved that the cookies didn't have to be perfect and still looked great. One of the snowman's face was accidentally tilted too much and part of its face was in the white icing. You could only see half of its sad face but then again it looked pretty cool. Poor little snowman:( Part of his face got buried in the snow when his body melted. Some of the gloves were not facing correctly but then again, it could have melted and fell off like that, right? There were little mistakes here and there but each cookie had a different story to tell. I loved the scenes that were being created! I loved it so much I thought it would make a great "show and share" at daycare so I sent Tristan to daycare with one today :)

I am happy with how the cookies turned out. I really am. I had to improvise while I was decorating but it all turned out anyway :) For instance, I was trying to make toques for their heads but it just didn't look right so I ended up with ear muffs. Those were WAY easier to do. I'm not sure I would make melted snowman cookies again in the next year or so but if I were, there would be a few things I would do a bit differently. I had a feeling a pure fondant head would be too much fondant and too sweet. I had ideas of making it better using rice cereal or something in the middle but since I ran out of time, I just went with all fondant. I also figured it was a sugar cookie after all so maybe it wouldn't be too sweet in comparison to everything else. Jean-Louis now tells me that it was in fact too sweet :( I ran into a bit of problem with the icing as well. I got lazy in diluting my icing and ended up applying very thick icing, which then dried up a bit too fast. Then I also ran out of icing before I finished off all the cookies. Doh! When I added the fondant to it, the icing cracked a bit and I had to use additional royal icing here and there to attach the pieces. Oops. Then again, the cracked icing gave a nice effect to the melted snowman scene. When you think about it, there really is no going wrong with this design :) It's one big disaster scene!

I had a lot of fun making these melted snowman cookies. Can you tell? :) When I was assembling the cookies, I actually laughed out loud because they were so hilarious. For those who want to try to make these, here were the recipes I used:

Almond sugar cookies
Royal icing
Marshmallow fondant

Happy baking!


Mama in the City said...

Wow! Those look terrific! You have a great talent for making cookies look fabulous.

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