Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas baking in full swing

It all started last Thursday. The following are stuff I have baked or made so far. Yikes! With the exception of the sugar cookies, they were all new recipes too. The sugar cookies had a new design though :) Cupcakes are also coming up near the end of the week for Jean-Louis' work potluck and then more cupcakes and cake for Christmas day. If you don't get a cavity from reading all this, you may from looking at what I have made so far! Just so you know, a lot of these are giveaways :) We had a good sampling of them though. *oink, oink*
Lemony olive oil banana bread
Chocolate almond caramel (soft toffee)
Almond lavender parfait
Toasted almond cranberry sables cookies
Vegan almond lavender sables cookies

Almond sugar cookies with fondant


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