Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tristan is potty trained! (knock on wood)

It has been at least three weeks since Tristan had a wet underwear. He went for nine days at one point earlier and then in the middle of a tantrum, he peed in his underwear. I have a feeling that it wasn't an accident though, if you know what I mean ;) Since then I believe we haven't seen any accidents and daycare hasn't reported any either.

It's been long enough that we're calling it a pass. He is officially potty trained! This of course doesn't count the wet pullups he wakes up in. Somehow he just isn't holding his pee while he sleeps. Maybe I should give him underwear to wear anyway and train him in bed? I hear that some kids will even wet their beds when they are four years old :(

Being potty trained makes it so much easier to go out with him. Being a little boy who can pee standing or sitting makes it THAT much easier! :) We some times will tell him to try and pee before we go out if we know that he hadn't gone for awhile. However, most of the time he just tells us and the odd time, he will just head to the bathroom alone. It's great because we don't have to keep track of his bathroom routine anymore!

On a related note, Tristan has been eating so well lately and is pretty much pooing at the same time every day! Hooray for balanced meals and being regular :) The bad news is that we're now nagging him to hurry up because he takes forever to eat. It's funny because there really is always something bugging us :)


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