Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I know I am a mom when...

  1. I splurge on the purchase of raspberries only to taste 1 berry and give the rest to Tristan.
  2. I walk outside by myself and I look for sidewalk entry points that have the dip in them, even when I am not pushing a stroller.
  3. I enter a store and immediately go to the kids section to look for deals.
  4. I follow mostly parents who love to talk about their kids on Twitter.
  5. 90% of all my photos in iPhoto have Tristan in them. Ditto with the videos.
  6. I eat a luke warm or cold meal that is meant to be eaten hot.
  7. I can no longer eat a meal from start to end without having to get up at least once.
  8. I drink cold coffee that was made hot.
  9. I start to bribe and give rewards for every day achievements like peeing in the toilet or eating most of the dinner.
  10. I use the word play date, instead of just date.
  11. I know the names of at least three of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends.
  12. I travel with a sippy cup of water because I can't find my own water bottle.
  13. I scan a new room for danger the moment I step in.
  14. I walk around with cute little stickers on my clothes and have no idea.
  15. I spend as much time planning a kids birthday party as I do planning a vacation.
  16. I know when to give out loot bags and what to expect to find inside.
  17. Halloween becomes one of my favorite holidays because I get to live it through Tristan's eyes.
  18. I give out a lot of Valentines cards, but none to my husband.
  19. I know about all the cool playgrounds, parks, StrongStart, Neighborhood house, and toddler story times in my area.
  20. I know the lyrics to Zoom, zoom, we're going to the moon.
  21. I know how our local Toys R Us store is organized. And I know where or how to find all the cool and trendy toys in my city.
  22. I think and care more about the environment. For instance, I look at ways to save the planet by reducing waste of plastic and reusing as much as possible.
  23. I wake up to the sound of "Daddy!!!!" instead of my alarm clock.
  24. I can't stop but think about my child 90% of my day.


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