Monday, July 25, 2011

Maplewood Farm is perfect for toddlers

We were already in North Vancouver for the Caribbean Days Festival so we thought we'd swing by Maplewood Farm to check out the petting zoo. That is more like something Tristan would enjoy. It was nice to get away from the crowds too :) When we told Tristan about the farm, his face lit up. He loves animals! He is somewhat scared of them but he loves them.

Kids are $4 and adults are $7 to get in. There are also additional things you can buy like little tractor rentals and pony rides. We had a voucher from Social Shopper so we used that for our admission. The farm even has a gift shop, playground by the parking lot and lots of parking spaces.

Tristan had a blast. He especially loved petting the goats, sheep, and rabbits. When it was time, he sort of didn't want to leave. The goats really are friendly. They don't care that tons of people are touching them and they don't even respond much to interaction. I noticed they seem ticklish around the ears. Tristan touched their ears a lot since that made them respond the most. Whenever the goats made noise, Tristan would get scared. Just a bit. It was funny because every little noise they made, Tristan would make a noise back. Bark at him, he barks back! Little kids :)

There were horses, goats, donkeys, cows, chickens, goats, sheep, geese, peacocks, pigs, birds, ducks, rabbits, and a talking parrot. Tristan loved the talking parrot! After that, he was trying to get every animal to talk back to him :) He even yelled at them at some point because they wouldn't respond. Yeah, we tried to explain that not all animals can talk. Or more like only the parrot can talk.

Maplewood Farm is a small but charming looking farm with plenty of animals to entertain small children. I personally think it would be a blast for kids 5 and under. In fact, most of the kids we saw there were very young, just like Tristan. I also loved that there were clean bathrooms and plenty of washing stations outside the petting zoo for washing hands. We stayed there for an hour and that was plenty of time.


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