Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 125th Vancouver!

We had another busy weekend. Saturday we went shopping everywhere at Metrotown (e.g. Superstore, Zellers, Save-Ons, T&T, Chapters) and then we headed to North Vancouver to shop at Jack & Lola. When we finally finished and got home, we all went running, then Jean-Louis took Tristan out for a bike while I made ├ęclairs au chocolat and prepped dinner. Yup, just your typical Saturday really :)

On Sunday, we did chores in the morning, skyped with family from France and then headed to the bank for an appointment. From there we headed downtown on the skytrain to Stanley Park in hopes to catch some of the festivities for the Vancouver 125 celebration. We had a nice 30 minute walk from Waterfront Station and even saw a harbour seal along the way. Tristan enjoyed watching the float planes land and take off in the water. Wow, those things are pretty loud! They remind me of my old skydiving days. As we got closer to the seawall, we saw more and more people. I have never seen so many people walking along the seawall. It was such a nice day for walking though. 

We arrived at the park after 2PM and stayed until 5:30PM. We mostly hung out around the Family Stage and walked around the kids zone, which closed at 5PM. There were line ups so we couldn't do the face painting in time but we did do the boat-making, which Tristan enjoyed. Overall, it was a nice outing. I would have enjoyed it more if we had actually sat down and watched the shows more. We didn't have anything to sit on and there were so many people! We tried catching the free shuttle to Waterfront Station but the wait was too long so we ended up walking. We got to hear parts of the Vancouver Symphony performance while we waited though.  It wasn't until 6:15PM did I finally get to use the potty and sit down for the first time. I was kind of pooped!

We had dinner at Water St. Cafe. It's an Italian restaurant in Gastown and I have been meaning to try it for awhile now. The food was good and Tristan ate well too. We took the skytrain back home and stuffed ourselves with fruit. We normally don't ever go out so late on a Sunday but it was the only day we could fit in the Vancouver 125 event. It was around 8PM when we got home but it was still light outside. Aren't summers great? :)


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