Monday, May 30, 2011

Whistler: dining out with small children

There are a lot of families in Whistler. It is definitely a family friendly destination. Not every family will have access to a full kitchen during their stay so dining out is a must. Planning meals and eating also consumes a lot of vacation time. We spent a full week in Whistler and as a result, we dined out a lot. We're not used to dining out a lot. Back at home, we only eat out maybe once or twice a month. Even when we traveled to Puerto Vallarta, we didn't dine out much. There however, we did have access to a full kitchen.

We sat at coffee shops like Moguls and Starbucks. We dined at a small eatery called Gone Eatery three times. They serve organic coffee, sandwiches, soups, pasta, and nice breakfasts. Prices are very reasonable and the place is very mellow with many families with small children there. I wouldn't have known about them if I didn't do my research beforehand since they are somewhat tucked away in the Village Square. You have to access it through the bookstore and I think they are affiliated with Moguls Coffee.

Another place we had repeat trips to was Wild Wood Pacific Bistro. They are also a bit tucked away in the Village North. They have good affordable food. In fact, the food they serve is somewhat like fine dining. They are right next to a tennis court. They have nightly specials and serve big delicious breakfasts.

As for fine dining, we went to Quattro and Edgewater Lodge Restaurant. We visited Quattro mainly for their $10 pasta night. I've always wanted to try this restaurant in Vancouver but here was a our chance. We totally scored with this deal too since their pasta normally sell for $24. I was talking to Jean-Louis about how easy it is to make a $24 pasta dish. You buy good quality pasta, use wine, organic herbs, quality oils and basically use organic wherever possible and that will totally rack up the price. The result? Quattro-quality pasta that tastes oh-so-good!

At Edgewater Lodge Restaurant, we splurged on their dine-out 3-course special. We ordered unique dishes and stuck to fish. We're not used to 3 course meals at restaurants anymore but Tristan was there to help us eat. He tasted pretty much everything we ordered and didn't complain. The kid knows what good food is! :) Besides the elegant tasty meal, we enjoyed the fantastic lakeside views. Because the restaurant sits on an island off of the lake, there are great views for everyone. Because we made reservations and arrived early, we had the best seat in the house:)

There was a restaurant a minute away from our resort called Ciao Thyme Bistro that specialized in organic cuisine and we went there for breakfast on the day we did the Peak 2 Peak. They had a 2 for 1 eggs Benedict. Yeah, we totally took advantage of the dining specials in May! :) We also noticed they had $1 day-old bakes by the till so we grabbed a cinnamon bun and pecan and dry blueberry scone. That evening we decided to order pizza and stay in to watch our last DVD movie. We ordered 2 large feast pizzas from Dominos using my 2 for 1 Entertainment coupon. Am I resourceful or what? We had leftover pizza the next day too when we got home.


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