Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's time to sell our baby stuff

It's strange how we often hold onto our baby things for such a long time, even long after we decide we won't ever be using these things again. Tristan is almost 2 1/2 now and well, it's time to actively start selling some of our baby things. If I knew a family member or close friend were having children within the next couple of years, I would probably hold on to some of these things but that just isn't the case. I still can't quite part with all of Tristan old clothes so I'm going to hang onto those for a bit longer. I don't know why. They are just too cute and nice to part with:( It's sad to see these things go, especially because some of these can't be purchased anymore. The reality is we need to declutter and make room for future things we'll acquire for Tristan like toys and more toys I guess.

To start, I have only advertised a few things on craigslist. Three items to be exact. I have already made one sale on the car seat adapters and have had many inquiries about our car seat but no deals yet. The only other thing I'm selling is the bouncy chair. Everything is in great condition so I'm firm about the price I advertised at. If they don't all sell, it's no big deal. We'll just have to figure out something else to do with it.


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