Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're still in Whistler!

A week in Whistler seems a bit long but we have managed to occupy our days here quite well. We have more activities scheduled and will be busy until we leave on the weekend. I'll be doing a more comprehensive post when I return home but here is a bit of an update.

We arrived on Sunday after a short drive (1.5 hours) from Vancouver. Tristan experienced motion sickness for the first time and puked in the car when we were 5 minutes away from our destination. It was awful and the car seat still stinks! I guess we won't be selling this car seat when he outgrows it. I thought he was sick but he's fine so it must have been motion sickness. Jean-Louis says he got motion sick a lot as a kid so there you have it! I'm beginning to think Tristan has acquired a lot of bad things from both of us:(

Today is the first day it has really rained. The past few days it showered a bit here and there but the weather was mostly nice. It's raining constantly now. We have been obsessed with the weather and had already planned ahead so we're heading to the indoor pool today at
a nearby sports center. Tristan loves to swim! Who knew? He is all smiles in the pool :)

It's slow season right now in Whistler. Many shops are closed until June. The village is somewhat of a ghost town during the night and morning. The cool thing besides it being very quiet is that there are lots of dining specials going on. There is Dine Out Whistler but there are also other cool deals like 2 for 1 pasta night Wednesday at Gone Eatery, which we enjoyed last night, and $10 pasta at Quattro tonight. Eating out in Whistler is generally very expensive but with these deals we aren't spending much at all on food.

The village is as charming as we remembered it. People here are friendly and laid back. We were told there is skiing here until August. The mountains are full of snow. The valleys and lakes are beautiful. We're from Vancouver though and feel a bit spoiled. It's beautiful in Vancouver too. It's nice to be on vacation and sleep a lot but with a 2 year old, there aren't a lot of activities we can take part in. We knew that coming here but it's still cool. Also with a toddler, everything is two or three times as slow.


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