Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa visits daycare

Today, we visited daycare for about an hour to go see Santa. Santa was coming and he had gifts for all the children. Even though we are not big on the whole Santa thing, I wanted Tristan to be a part of this because all the other kids were. I also wanted to bring him there to play a bit. Daycare sure beats the StrongStart at the school.

We arrived a bit late and ended up being the second to last kid to receive a gift from Santa. Oops. He received a Christmas story book. All the kids got some sort of Christmas story book. It was nice. It didn't last long. Each child was called out and came to collect their present from Santa. Then a picture was taken and it was the next child's turn.

I was the only parent at daycare today. I kind of thought I would be. It's bad that I don't carry out a full time job but it's good that I'm able to take part in these things while I am still free from work. I got to observe Tristan play with the other kids at daycare. He didn't really stick by any one kid in particular. There is this really loud boy who tends to bang toys and makes a lot of racket. Tristan followed and copied him every now and then. That's bad but he didn't bang toys. He was just copying what the other boy was saying. I discovered that this other boy is the "5 more minutes" boy. Lately, Tristan has been telling us "5 more minutes" or "2 more minutes" and we would just laugh. Now, I know who he is copying that from!

There are a couple of boys Tristan enjoys playing with. One of them is his best buddy, at least that is what the staff claims. I watched them. They did play together a bit and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them. It was so cute! Imagine having a best friend at the age of 2.

While I was observing and watching after Tristan, other kids would approach me and talk to me. I couldn't understand most of them. They sort of talk like Tristan and is only learning how to speak properly. If anyone, only their parents would fully understand them. One little boy got me to put on his shoes. A little girl wouldn't stop talking to me. She was a chatterbox and she got me to watch and hold her Christmas book while she played in the ball room. Sure, why not? Tristan was fine alone so I spent some time talking with one of the staff members. I could see that Tristan was well behaved. When all the other kids were painting the table instead of their snowflake or grabbing the table cloth, Tristan was just looking at them or quietly painting his own snowflake. In fact, he was so tidy, he painted mainly the center of the snowflake and didn't get any paint on the table around him. The staff member I spoke to says that he is so mellow and easy going. He did fight over a toy a couple of times so I had to intervene. Then the staff member said that he is great at sharing toys. She must be referring to most of the time because it's not all the time!

Tristan had fun on our daycare visit. He didn't even know I was there some times. When we left, he didn't get upset either so it was all good. Daycare has been good to him and to us. When we picked him up on Wednesday, we found a nice gift bag for us in his cubby. It was addressed from Tristan to Mom and Dad. There were bakes, jam, bathroom treats, an ornament for the tree, and a card. I had a feeling they were giving us something but I didn't know it was going to be that much! There was also a Christmas card to Tristan from his French teacher. I love sweet surprises :)


harriet glynn said...

I only work part-time and I love being a part of all those activities. It's so nice that you can participate. This short window of life is so fleeting.

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