Sunday, December 26, 2010

A quiet Christmas, just the three of us

We found out days before Christmas that it was just going to be the three of us this year. Yes, again. I prefer company but it is much easier if we didn't have any company. Jean-Louis certainly likes no company.

We all slept in after 8:00AM. It was great! We had a late breakfast and then when cleanup was done, we took some pictures and then Tristan opened his presents. He got right to it too and didn't even wait for me to grab my camera. Why would he wait? The presents have been under the tree for almost two weeks now!

Tristan got lots of toys including fire trucks in both Lego and Plan Toys, Thomas the Train Megablock set, books, puzzles, Playmobil digger, and clothes. He played in between the gift unwrapping. He didn't act super excited but I think he was happy :)

Throughout the day, Tristan and Jean-Louis played toys together. I cooked on and off. Even though it would just be the three of us, I still wanted to cook a proper Christmas meal and that also meant a BIG meal. Some dishes were new and some were old favorites. All the food turned out good, especially the two dishes I was most looking forward to, which were the turkey and maple pecan pie. I brined the turkey overnight this time and it was a brilliant move :) The turkey was so juicy and full of flavor, we didn't even need to eat it with gravy or any kind of sauce. Jean-Louis loved it too and he is typically not a fan of turkey at all. In fact, he tried many times to talk me out of cooking the poor turkeys this year! It was just a small turkey. In fact it was the smallest turkey I have ever cooked in the past 20 years!


  • Garlic sausage with honey/mustard dip
  • Turkey & gravy
  • Classic stuffing with cranberries/raisins, apple
  • Potato/yam casserole
  • Wild mushroom risotto
  • Ginger carrot sticks


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