Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Strawberry shortcake for all

Thanks to Chef Heidi Fink over at lip smacking, I made the strawberry shortcake recipe she posted and it is another keeper! It was easy to make, pretty, and delicious :)

We actually gave some to Tristan, which makes that the first cake he has ever tasted! We have been very picky about giving him sweets but since the ingredients for this cake sounded somewhat healthy, we decided to make him a version with less sugar than the version we had. The cake itself was the same but rather than sweetening the filling, I set aside plain whip cream and unsweetened strawberries for him. The cake part was the only thing that had added sugar and it wasn't a lot either. Plus, the recipe called for some whole wheat flour. I love recipes that call for whole wheat flour and still taste great :)

Tristan ate some of the cake but mostly the strawberries and whip cream. The unsweetened stuff :) I don't think he is into stuff like this yet. Maybe it's still too sweet for him? The other day, I fed in a juicy pluto plum and he actually asked for water part way through the feeding. I'm guessing it was too sweet for him.


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