Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daycare field trip to Vancouver Aquarium

This was our first. It was Tristan's first visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and my first trip with daycare. Man, it was a bit stressful for me to get us to daycare by 8:30AM. Tristan woke up at 7:15AM and I was up just before 7AM. Since I was going on the field trip too, I had to leave the stroller at home. He walked with me most of the time and I carried him parts of the way. We got to daycare at 8:20AM - phew!

There were four parent volunteers from our group. Two dads, me, and a grandma. We were responsible for our own child. Makes sense. Tristan sat with me on the bus and I fed him during the trip. Daycare took care of the diaper changes. That was nice. Tristan didn't go nuts on me. He resisted and whined here and there when I moved him from one place to the next but he didn't cause a scene or anything. In fact, I didn't see any kid really misbehave. Success!

I think he enjoyed the aquarium. He enjoyed running around and climbing the rocks to view the fish. I could have sworn there was more to see. I keep thinking I missed an entire area. Aren't there seals, beluga whales, whales or polar bears? I think his favorite were the dolphins when we were outside. That was the only time he signed and asked for "more." He wanted to see more jumping from them. The dolphins were being trained at the time. It's too bad we missed the shows, which were at 1PM and 3PM :(

The field trip was good for me to experience what it was like for Tristan to be at daycare. Well, sort of. I got to see who he played with and what he would do at daycare. I did witness him trying to pretend hit an older girl when the girl yelled at him. He was a feet away and he swung his arm in her direction. That is as violent as I have seen him behave. I snapped at him and then he cried. The episode didn't last long though. Most of the time, he was just running around chasing the other kids or copying what they were doing. He held hands with some of the other kids when they came back from diaper changing. Little kids holding each others hands are so cute. Little hands are a perfect fit :) Another cute thing I observed was when one of Tristan's friends called his name. He is a bit older than Tristan and was able to pronounce "Tristan." Tristan can't even say his own name yet. It was cute to hear his friend calling him :)

Now that the field trip is over, I get to go back to my old schedule :) That is, I get to take my time in the morning and go to daycare. Hooray!


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