Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our version of grilled cheese sandwiches

We make most of our grilled cheese sandwiches out of whole wheat or multi-grain bread rather than white bread. We rarely ever eat white bread anyway. When we have a choice, we'll get chicken or turkey deli meat instead of ham as well. Both salty but chicken and turkey has less fat. Every little thing helps, right? ;) Rather than buttering both tops of the bread, I'll either not butter at all because my panini grill can handle it or use mayonnaise instead.

Who doesn't like a grilled cheese sandwich? Before Tristan came along, I never really had grilled cheese sandwiches before. Weird, eh? I made a tuna melt before that was similar but I had no idea what it was called since I totally made it up. Then ever since we went to Little Nest and tried their grilled cheese sandwiches, I have been wanting to make some. Sure they aren't the healthiest things but I liked them! And kids LOVE them! We don't eat them all the time and I always try to make things healthier or serve something healthier on the side. Since we got our panini press, we've been making lots of grilled sandwiches like paninis and grilled cheese. It's just so easy!

The following is how we make our grilled cheese sandwiches now. I sort of stumbled upon it by accident when I was trying to get rid of leftover cooked yams. The yams add an extra sweet flavor and it looks like cheddar so it will probably even win over the picky eaters :) I feel a bit deceptive but it tastes good and it wasn't intentional.



Multi-grain sliced bread
Cooked yam (sliced for easy spreading)
Ham, chicken, or turkey sliced deli meat
Medium cheddar cheese
Butter or Mayonnaise (both optional)

Take one slice of bread and spread some yam on one side. Top this with a few crumbles of cheese. Next is ham. Then top with cheese. Close this with a slice of bread. If you like, spread the top and bottom of the sandwich with butter or mayonnaise. Grill for a few minutes until cheese has melted and tops appear nicely toasted. Serve immediately while it's hot :)


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