Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Packing away 18 month old clothes :(

I think it's time. Most of Tristan's 18 month clothes don't fit anymore. He is growing taller. I think he had a growth spurt this month. Either that or his clothes all shrank a bit.

Every time I rotate his clothes, I get a little sad. The bigger boy clothes remind me that he is no longer a baby. He's so big now and he's starting to act more mature too. With his promotion into the toddler room this coming month, it's starting to really hit me that he will soon go to school and I won't see him much anymore :( I guess I should be excited about this as well since it will also mean that I can refocus my attention on work more. I don't know if it's just me but he really seemed to be growing up fast ever since he started to talk more at 17 months. I think he is already very independent for his age.

Out goes the old clothes and in goes the new. Tristan may be losing a lot of cute clothes but he also has a whole new wardrobe that is adorable. The clothes are mostly 23 months and some are 2 years and they should also be good for the fall and winter as well. We have Gymboree, Children's Place, H&M, and lots of French clothes, including one of my favorites, Jacadi :) This also means I have to iron more labels for daycare :(

A lot of the really cute clothes are also too dressy for daycare. I definitely don't want them to get busted and if he wears them, they will most certainly get busted. I am learning fast that the toddler room is dirty and dangerous! But he has to wear his nice clothes too. I'll have to set up more outings for us so we can dress up :)


harriet glynn said...

Letting go of the baby clothes is very sad. But like you said, new ones are soo cute, especially les vetements francais!

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