Monday, June 21, 2010

Got our daycare photos just in time

Daycare photos of Tristan apparently arrived right when we left for France. Luckily, they are still available for purchase until the end of this week. Even though he wasn't smiling in them, they look quite good so we bought them all for $39. If you buy all 6 sheets of photo, you also receive the class photo for free.

We did Sears photos before and I wasn't such a big fan of them. Tristan was younger and he wasn't in a great mood that day. We ended up only buying a couple of sheets of just him. These daycare photos by Life Touch Canada are way better. The background is nice and the colors are attraction. I think the photo paper is thicker and better too.

Now we have a gazillion pictures of him. We don't have that many people to give the photos to. Oh well. It was still better than buying each sheet for $14. Those who we normally don't give photos to may receive one too :)

Just for comparison, here are the Sears photos. They were taken back in February and he is actually wearing the same outfit in the daycare photo above as well.


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