Monday, May 24, 2010

My first impression of Little Nest

Today, we visited Little Nest for lunch. I read about it from yoyomama and after visting Little Nest's website, I wanted to check it out for myself. Actually, our main goal today was to go to Granville Island to buy some maple syrup candied salmon but we had to feed Tristan lunch first. Since we were out anyway, I thought we could take this opportunity to try one of the parenting friendly restaurants in Vancouver. We invited my sister and her family along too. Her kids are 3 and 5 years old.

When we first walked inside, it was unclear whether or not we could seat ourselves or if we had to check in first. We ended up lining up to check in after what seemed like 10 minutes. It was a holiday Monday and very busy. I looked around and noticed a lot of parents with infants and children. Yes, I was definitely in the right place :) The restaurant itself was very casual looking. Near the back of the restaurant I saw many highchairs, all a little different in design. Some of the tables didn't match either, nor did the chairs. I walked with Tristan over to where there was a play area. He looked around but wasn't interested in playing at first. A lot of the toys I noticed were "older" toys so Jean-Louis or I would definitely have to supervise while he was there playing. The longer we waited for our table, the more babies and kids showed up. It was actually quite chaotic.

We were told it was a good idea to order before we got a table so we did. Everything on the menu sounded quite healthy and are all reasonably priced. I love how they use local, fresh, and organic products! We ordered a cafe latte, hot chocolate, roasted beets salad, and kids ham and cheese sandwich. We paid just under $20 for everything. When we finally got our table, we had to wait a long time for our meal. There was a lot of people and the service just couldn't keep up. I actually had a feeling it was going to be busy and wanted to make a reservation but they don't take any :(

At the prices we paid, I thought the food was good. They offer brown sugar at the table for your coffee, which I thought was cool. I'm so used to seeing white sugar all the time I wasn't sure what it was at first :) The kids ham and cheese sandwich for Tristan was only $3.50 and it came with a few slices of apple. He ate about half of it and we ate the rest. I thought it was quite tasty. Maybe a little too tasty for him with all the butter on it. The dishes we ordered were all great but I noticed that some of the bread was a little on the burnt side for the sandwiches my sister and family ordered. Again, I think the service just couldn't keep up with the demand today. Overall, Jean-Louis and I both give the restaurant a thumbs up :) We will have to go back to try the other things on their menu, but at a less insane time of the week.


harriet glynn said...

I love Little Nest mainly because the coffee and food and excellent and so cheap. But the setup really is a gong show on weekends!

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