Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Child Care Provider Appreciation Day

May is known as "Child Care Month" and May 20, 2010 is "Child Care Provider Appreciation Day." According to the province of BC, we should recognize our child care providers on this day. I can see why May is the child care month since it's also the month of Mother's Day (May 9, 2010) and some also celebrate National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day (May 7, 2010). I was a bit confused because for 11 years now we have been acknowledging National Provider Appreciation Day in Canada as well. To me, they seem the same. The two child care provider appreciation days this month are May 7th (the Friday before Mother's Day) and May 20th. I haven't dug into this much but maybe in BC, we only celebrate it once and that's on May 20th? Anyway, since I'm in BC and I obviously missed May 7th, I will recognize my child care providers tomorrow, May 20th.

What do you give the daycare staff to show that you appreciate them? Well, we're giving them a card, colored and prepared by Tristan and myself, and giving them home-baked goodies! The card is a printable colorable one I found online from Fisher Price. It's titled "Buzzing with appreciation," which is perfect! As for the baked goods, I chose to bake honey and chocolate Madeleines. I made them many times before and everyone loves them. Plus, we have all the ingredients at home so I don't even have to go out to shop. I just hope that they don't think that I'm THAT kind of mom. I don't mean to suck up, especially because I know they already love Tristan :) I just have more spare time than the other parents.

So from Jean-Louis, Tristan and I, thank you to all the staff at daycare for taking such great care of our little Tristan! He is one happy little boy :)


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