Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day brunch on Grouse Mountain

Last year, we couldn't get in but this year I made sure to book us a month in advance. We go to Grouse Mountain fairly often but never to the Observatory, their fining dining restaurant. Their Mother's Day brunch is very popular and sells out every year. We also have never taken Tristan up the mountain yet so we were very excited!

Yesterday, we went and had an enjoyable day. Our brunch booking was for 11:30AM. The food was good but just good I think. I definitely had better brunches for much less the cost. However, if you factor in the price of a skyride ticket alone ($39.99/person), the meal really didn't cost much :) In terms of food, the Grouse brunch pales in comparison to our Father's Day brunch at the Laurel Point Inn in Victoria. Nevertheless, they had a good selection of dishes and lots that Tristan could eat so that was awesome!

It's funny the kids selection included what seemed like just junk food: chicken strips and fries, macaroni and cheese, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. I think we gave Tristan some of the sandwich and chicken strip to try at the end of his meal but he was already full from all the other stuff. His meal consisted of mostly eggs, omelette, bread, pieces of chicken, and some pasta. Then we gave him fruit. Boy, did he make a mess! Now that I think about it, we probably shouldn't have unleashed him to eat on his own so much at a fine dining restaurant :)

After the brunch, we toured around on the top. We visited the bears and then just walked and sat around taking pictures and videos. For some reason, I thought we could do more but the top was mostly covered in snow still. The weather was perfect. It wasn't too cold at all and was sun and clouds the entire time. Would we brunch again on Grouse? Yeah, I think so :) The view of Vancouver was spectacular!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

In all the years I've lived in Vancouver, I've never been to Grouse Mountain. When I first moved here I balked at the $20/person price to get up on the sky-ride. If it's $40 now I see I lost my chance. Better start hiking!

Harriet said...

Seriously, what passes for kids food is ridiculous. I'd rather feed Theo off my plate than have him eating fries and chicken strips. Still, it is a lovely spot. Happy belated Momz Day ;)

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