Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vomiting can't be for no reason, can it?

I think I jinxed myself in the last blog post. I thought we would finally get a full week at daycare but it doesn't look like we're going to make it. Today, after a perfectly good day at daycare, Tristan acted a bit strange around dinner time, only an hour after I picked him up. He wouldn't really eat anything at dinner except for tofu, bread, and some raspberry and banana puree. A bit of the raspberry and banana came out while he was in the highchair. Then we let him out and he played happily, giggling and all. While I was packing his lunch for tomorrow and cleaning up, he vomited while playing by the stairs with Jean-Louis. A lot of it got on Jean-Louis and the rest went on the stairs and carpet. Jean-Louis quickly ran to the kitchen and tilted Tristan over a bit so that he could finish vomiting. And he did. Lots more came out of him. I think he pretty much emptied his entire stomach tonight. Poor baby :(

Carpet cleaning and soaking smelly clothes were not on the agenda tonight but that's what we spent 2 hours doing. Oh, what kind of sickness is this now? I can't help but suspect a repeat of viral conjunctivitis since when he had that the other week, he vomited a couple of times as well. Tonight was much more vomit though. Since daycare and getting sick all the time, we find ourselves constantly trying to diagnose Tristan's illnesses and trying to figure out how he could have contracted it. We have been watching a lot of House too so that could explain some of our obsession of this. But seriously, when is sick season over? I really, really want to know.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think some kids are just pukers. One of my friend's daughters is like this. She just throws up a LOT. Sometimes it's for a good reason, sometimes none that they can tell. And if the poor kid does get sick she pretty much always throws up.

I hope that Tristan is feeling better soon, and that the cold and flu season wraps up pronto.

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