Monday, March 22, 2010

Fancy iPhone photo effects

You may have noticed a few of the pictures I have put up on my posts lately look a little strange. Well, they are strange but I don't have any others so I had to put those up. There are iPhone apps you can use to take photos with all sorts of effects but the problem is that you can't see them in its original form. Some are indeed cool and the photos are processed right away with the effects so you can tweet or blog using them in real time. It's really fast. All these effects can also be done quite easily with Photoshop but then that takes time. Jean-Louis has been playing around with Hipstamatic and other similar apps and a few have turned out pretty neat. I'm still sad you can't see the original shots without the effects though :(

Eating at the table:


Amber said...

These effects are so cool. I wish my BB would do that. Someday I might make the jump to Iphone.

~Amber @ The Mom Road

Anonymous said...

OK - I need an iphone. You're so good with photos on your blog!

Alissa said...

So cool! I love it!

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