Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby has conjunctivitis (a.k.a pink eye)

When we picked up Tristan today from daycare, we were surprised to hear that he had goo in his eye and that we should take him to the doctors. For eye poo? Nope. Apparently, it was green and yellow in his left eye and is likely contagious. If that is the case, he is not allowed to be in daycare. In fact, I think they were trying to tell us nicely that he was not allowed to come back unless we checked him out and he is declared noncontagious. We would need a note from the doctor saying that he was noncontagious if we were to bring him back to daycare tomorrow. So from daycare, we walked straight to the walk-in clinic :( I don't really get it because he was perfectly fine when I dropped him off. Can it really happen that quickly?

The doctor examined him and said almost immediately that he had conjunctivitis or pink eye. I asked how he got it and the doctor said it is likely from someone at daycare. It's viral or bacterial but in both cases, it would resolve itself in 3-4 days. The only treatment is cleaning it, keeping his hands clean (because he will likely rub his eyes a lot), and applying a warm compress on it as often as possible. If it doesn't get better on its own or gets worst, we will need to get antibiotics. Apparently, it's going around because this was only one of a handful of cases the doctor has seen this week. Great. So Tristan is stuck at home with me tomorrow. Besides the eye, he seems ok. There are a few things that are odd but it is hard to say. He vomited his milk 2 days ago but it may not be related at all. He doesn't seem to like plain yogurt lately but again that could be something else. The doctor says that the conjunctivitis could be related to a cold in that it could be a sign that one is coming up. Terrific :( He was sick only a week ago!

So I wanted to post a picture of Tristan today but I don't think anyone wants to see his yucky eye. Instead, here is a picture of him eating part of his dinner. I made some baby sushi for Tristan to try tonight. He seemed to like it since it was a novelty for him. He was picking the rice off of the nori sheet but I think that was because I used too much nori and he can't really chew with only his front teeth. I think I will try to cut them into smaller pieces tomorrow and see if he will eat more of the nori. For the sushi, I reduced the amount of rice vinegar and sugar I added. I smeared avocado over the rice and ripped pieces off for him. It was rather messy but he doesn't care about presentation :) I also did some with papaya. If only I had cream cheese, that would be good with papaya too! Maybe next time :)


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