Monday, March 22, 2010

Sickness update - it was the stomach flu!

Tristan is much better but is still recovering. He is actually back at daycare today. We went to the doctors on Friday and had him checked out. We barely got an appointment that day too but they sympathized with me when I told them we tried 2 other walk-in clinics and still couldn't see a doctor. Our doctor said that this could be a sign of a flu coming up or it could be a stomach bug. After I dropped him off at daycare this morning, I found out that the stomach flu is going around so that is definitely what Tristan has. The infant room got hit by it, including the staff that work there and apparently, it's in the toddler room too. These things sure spread fast!

Tristan has been on a gastro diet since Friday. Basically, we need to avoid fiber, wheat, vegetables, and most fruits. It's kind of crazy because that is the sort of diet Tristan is always on. We always offer him things that are high in fiber. Even our rice crispy is made from organic brown rice! We aren't feeding him a lot in case he vomits again but he does have to eat and drink frequently. Even though he was still having diarrhea, we figured that was okay since his body was still cleansing and he needs to get rid of all the bad stuff first. He has been eating plain pasta, bananas, plain chicken, white congee in chicken broth, plain bagels, and organic rice mum-mums biscuits. Throughout the day, he drinks lots of water. We only began giving him a bit of milk again yesterday. So far, no vomit :) His diarrhea is slowly going away as well. Hooray!


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