Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby cried at daycare

It's no surprise, Tristan cried at daycare the first time I left him. Apparently, him and the other new girl was setting each other off today when they cried. I imagine it was a tough day for everyone there. I think I took it pretty well on his first day without me but I did constantly think about how he was doing. For the two hours I got to spend at home alone, I was very busy cooking, cleaning, and having lunch. I was hoping to get other things done too but time was up.

Shortly after we arrived at daycare today, there were about three babies crying. Tristan was perfectly content playing and then he had this scared look on his face. Minutes after the crying fest started, he came towards me and started to fuss. Babies crying sure does scare him. It was just a big crying day. When I left him, he cried. When I was on the phone with one of the staff, I heard him cry in the background. When I arrived to pick him up, he was fussing and crying while clinging onto one of the staff's leg. The staff lady was on the phone and Tristan just clung onto her leg. He does that to me quite a bit at home too. When I asked, one of the staff said that he cried on and off while I was gone. So sounds to me he wasn't quite as easy as they expected.

Overall, Tristan had a tough day so I have been feeding him more of his favorite foods like bread and cheese. He eats his main food too, which is good. I am amazed at how much he is eating now. Either he is making up for the lack of food when he was sick the past two weeks or he is going through a growth spurt. I'm allowing myself to baby him a bit more too because of daycare. Of course, Jean-Louis doesn't think I should.


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