Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jacadi Vancouver - a look inside

When we heard Jacadi opened in Vancouver last year, we were so excited. Jacadi was one of my favorite baby clothing stores in France. Sometimes it is hard to find cute boy clothes but everything Jacadi had was super adorable. It was one of the first stores I discovered in Paris with super cute boy clothes. The style is very European-like and carry soft innocent tones. They are a high end clothing line so if you can afford to splurge a little on your little one, then you would love this store too! Tristan already has a few Jacadi items because his grandparents from France likes to send him gifts all the time :)

We finally got a chance to visit the Jacadi store in Vancouver today. It's located just off of 41st on Dunbar. It's the only Jacadi store in the West Coast of Canada. Apparently, they do take orders over the phone and have done so for customers in Calgary. Every time I searched for the store in Vancouver, I couldn't find much information on it besides their directory listing. Now, that I have visited the store firsthand, I wanted to blog about it and show others pictures of the inside. The store itself is very small. In fact, I think it could be bigger because they have a bit more merchandise than what the store can display. Compared to Jacadi stores in France, this one looked a little cluttered. The store has a fitting room but no change room or bathroom. That's not surprising due to its size.

When I first stepped inside, I felt like I was in Paris again. I was in cuteness heaven and I wanted to take my time and enjoy it :) Then the sales lady tells me that pretty much everything is on sale and that was when I quickly started to look and began doing some serious shopping! Clothing with the pink dots on them are 30% off, light blue dots are 40% off, and dark blue dots are 50% off. Hooray! Actually, this is the same Jacadi sale as the one going on in France right now. We spent at least an hour in the store but we made good progress in that time :) One of our friends, who lived in the neighborhood met us at the store so after wards, we all went for coffee and dessert. Yes, our Saturday afternoon was fabulous :)


Bénédicte Caradec said...

Hi Susan,
can you please contact me about shopping in Vancouver?
My name is Benedicte and I am parisian mother!
Thank you so much,


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