Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby is sick after 2 weeks of daycare

Actually, he was a little off late last week and then on Saturday, his nose started to run. I kept him home from daycare yesterday and today. It looks like I may do the same tomorrow too :( He won't be going anywhere until his nose stops running at least. When I first told daycare about his runny nose, they mentioned that it might be his teething. I'm not sure I ever heard of that but he has a nasty cough too so he has definitely got a cold. He's warm but no fever.

It's great to actually spend some more time with Tristan at home. I missed taking care of him when he was in daycare. It's good and it's bad too. I'm getting absolutely nothing done again and I'm starting to yell more because of the lack of baby-proofing we have here. Also with all of our close contact, it's not surprising I'm starting to feel under the weather. My throat started to hurt today. Man, I sure hope the early arrival of Spring will halt all the colds going around. Jean-Louis is also sick. He actually never fully recovered from his last cold and now he has gotten worst.

This is another cold so the seasonal flu shot we got was useless. I'm getting sick once a month it seems so next year, I think we're just going to skip the seasonal flu shot. It was our first and will be our last!


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