Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daycare is a big transition for baby and me

This week, Tristan is going to daycare full time, although I am thinking about having him stay home on Friday with me. I'm hoping I can get myself to work enough so that I can take Friday off and be with him. He has been away from me so much already but he is making such great progress at daycare that I'm afraid of ruining it if I let him go less often. I do miss him though. Jean-Louis bugs me about it but it's obvious I would miss him since we basically spent 24 hours together for the past year. It's a big change for both of us. I'm also worried that daycare is not signing to him enough and he won't learn new signs from them. What he does learn from daycare is how to interact socially with other kids and that is something we can't teach him here. He is definitely at that age where he is interested in other kids and can get bored easily doing the same thing at home by himself or with me all the time. So far daycare is working out quite well for him.

As for myself, I am still adjusting to my new life. I didn't think it would take this long. I have proven over and over again in the past that I could self motivate myself so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before that happens again. Right? Seems kind of hard now. We have never been apart for this long before and it feels so strange. I definitely appreciate having some time off but it's almost too much time off. I have tons of things to do. I am tackling my to-do list one by one but I'm taking my time doing it. Somehow I feel like I am wasting time because I am not rushed anymore to do anything so therefore I get less done in the day. It's not to say that I enjoyed being rushed all the time in the past. I guess I just feel guilty taking my time and accomplishing less when poor Tristan is at daycare.


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