Friday, October 9, 2009

Why I look forward to Fridays

Friday is finally here. I have been waiting for it to come since Monday :)

I stay at home to take care of our baby and have been doing it since he was born over 10 months ago. I do not commute to work anymore so some times I don't even leave the house for days. You're probably wondering why I care so much about Friday when my full time job right now is taking care of our baby and on the weekend I don't exactly get time off. True, but on the weekend, I only have to take care of the baby part time and that makes a bit difference for me :)

In fact, I look forward to the evenings when my husband comes home. When he is home, I get to do other stuff like cook, eat, socialize with him, and shower. In a way that puts me in Mommy mode part time. Starting Friday evening right until Monday morning, I also get to be in that mode. You see! I love my Fridays!

There is a bit more to just being on duty part time. I wake up Friday mornings to #followfriday tweets and I always get excited when someone recommends me to follow on Twitter :) I also spend part of my day looking at online grocery flyers so I can plan our shopping trips. So that is another reason - I get to go out to the mall and shop and cook, which I love.

On the weekend, my sweet husband wakes up with the baby and lets me sleep in for 30 minutes to 1 hour. God bless! After feeding the baby when I wake up, I make us breakfast and he makes the coffee. I only have coffee on the weekend so I look forward to that as well! I usually get to work for a few hours, we watch dvds, and we go for afternoon strolls. Sometimes, we make plans to hang out with friends but mainly, we get things done around the house and just relax. Ahhhh... Fridays :)

What's on the agenda that is different this weekend? House cleaning, hair cut for my husband when the baby is sleeping, a visit to our new neighboring Waves coffee house, Thanksgiving cooking, and skype video social with our friend from New Zealand who just had her baby. Hey, when you are a stay-at-home-mom you would get excited about these things too!


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