Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A-meh = Mommy?

When he is distressed normally, Tristan would say "a-meh." He does this when he is in his crib crying to sleep. He does this when he wants out of the exersaucer. Some times he will just say it like that. He repeats sounds when he likes the sound of it but this particular sound seem to be associated with a cry for help. I noticed he has been saying it a lot today. Is he trying to call out to me? I read that a baby's first word may not even be a real word. Could "a-meh" be his first word?

At one point, Tristan was saying dada a lot and then he switched to mama. I haven't heard him say dada for awhile. "Mama" comes and goes at random so it is apparent he doesn't know what mama is associated with. All this baby talk and beginnings of language is so bizarre and fascinating to watch!


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