Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're all recovering from the cold

After a week of staying at home, we are all feeling better. Tristan started to show a lot of improvement after a few days. I think lots of good naps and my breastmilk helped him get better :) I started to feel sick too and it's been on and off for a few days now. This weekend, we finally left the house and as a result, I started to feel a bit worst. I think having too much to do and no nap during the day are also to blame. I'm okay though. This time around it is not nearly as bad for me as my last cold two months ago. Tristan is more or less back to normal now and Jean-Louis seems okay too. As a precaution, I am still dining us on sick food. This week we're having homemade spicy noodle soup!

Onto other more pleasant news, I think my efforts to try and fatten Tristan up the past couple of weeks is starting to pay off. The past week was a bit hard at times since he was sick and a bit more resistant. He is eating more now, although it is still hard to feed him some times :) We don't force him to eat anymore but we do trick him every now and then. Lately, I have been staring at him thinking that he looks a bit fatter these days. Jean-Louis agrees too. His face is rounder. Or maybe it's just me wanting it to be rounder? In any case, he is eating more and he is very regular and very healthy. If it turns out he is still a bit light weight, I'm okay with that as long as he is healthy.

Here is a photo of Tristan I took last week. He is all bundled up in warm clothes since he was sick and it was so cold here. The cold, the darkness, the rain, the dry hands, the cold allergy - all of it reminded me of the birth almost a year ago. Wow. Already. Kind of an unpleasant flashback I have to say. So very glad I am not there anymore :)


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