Monday, February 9, 2009

Tristan in his first movie

Recently, we purchased iLife '09. One of the coolest thing about the software package is iMovie '09. After watching a few tutorial videos, I was excited to try a few things out. Unfortunately, we don't have a camcorder and the videos we take with our digital camera are of poor quality. I wanted to test out some of the cool new features in iMovie anyway so I put together something fun as a learning exercise. All of the videos are of Tristan, of course :) I chose the Photo Album theme, made some edits, threw in some transitions, text, photos, and music. A few hours later, I ended up with the following short 6 minute movie.

It's my first attempt at making a movie! iMovie makes it so easy and fun that anyone can do it just by playing around. After all, Apple is known for their user-friendly software. Since iMovie has been rewritten from scratch in this new and improved version, it doesn't come without flaws. I discovered a few bugs along the way. Depending on your clips, transitions may not work as you would like since you can't edit some of them. Cut out some of your clip, add the transition again and then it works. Nevertheless, I'm still very impressed and excited about the new iMovie! Once we buy a camcorder, I'll make some more movies.


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