Friday, February 13, 2009

Some work productivity and so much crying

If I had to give an update of this week, I would say that I have finally made some progress in terms of work and Tristan has been crying like nuts.  I've finally figured out some errors on my website and blah, blah, blah... Tristan is crying in the background right now as I type.  Jean-Louis has him and he has been crying really hard for a long time now.  He just had a snooze in my arm but I think he is still tired.  If he is a bit sick, he may need more sleep than usual.  I hope he is not sick and it's hard for us to tell.  His temperature seems normal.  He is just really fussy this week and as a result, we hardly went out.  I think today was his second trip outside of the house.  We had to go pick up groceries.

Tomorrow, I have my first research meeting since having Tristan.  I hope it goes ok.  If Tristan cries hard upstairs the guys will hear it and I will be embarrassed.  He will have to come down at one point since I want the guys to meet Tristan.  Ok, Tristan is still crying and the fan noise is not working.  We're trying everything and nothing seems to work much so I guess I'm going to have to feed him early and put him straight to bed.  Our new routine of having him sleep early means he wakes up earlier and since it's not on my schedule, I'm super tired these days too.


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