Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Leap Day is important to us

February 29th, which comes around every four years is not only cool but will also always be a special day with important meaning for us now. Why? As some of you may have guessed, it was conception day for us. We are 99% sure Tristan was conceived that day. I some times call Tristan our miracle baby. One of the reasons I do is because of his interesting conception day. That, and the fact that it really isn't that easy to make babies. A lot of stars have to be aligned for it to happen, if you get my drift ;)

Okay, now that the truth is out, all my readers can giggle over this post :) I mean who else would ever talk about conception? Well, we have a child so conception had to happen at some point. You also got to admit this is a pretty cool date. I think it's special and super cool that we know our conception date too. It's not easy to determine that some times. Wow. I don't think I have ever written the word conception so many times!

I know what you are all thinking now and I'm totally with you. We have to celebrate Leap Day!!! I totally agree. Every four years on February 29th, we should celebrate :) And we can only celebrate it one way and that's with a cake or cupcakes! But I don't have any :( As I am writing this post, it is already too late to bake. Tomorrow, I promise I will bake something. I actually got the idea to celebrate late today and was just way too busy with work. Tomorrow then. Come back and there will be a cake or cupcake photo :)


zud said...

ha ha, you're right it's not so easy! 6 months and still trying!

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