Sunday, February 12, 2012

First movie theater experience

Today, we took Tristan to his very first movie in the theater! He is 3 years and 2 months old.

We watched The Adventures of Tintin, a popular comic story brought to animation. It's one of the comics Jean-Louis grew up to in France. It's less popular in North America but I imagine it will become popular soon here due to the movie :)

Tristan liked the movie and kept mostly quiet throughout. At home he usually asks questions after every scene so before we went to the movies, we talked to him about what it would be like and that he should be as quiet as possible. We tried to prepare him for the big movie experience by letting him know we were going days in advance. We planned on bringing my earmuffs so that it would be too loud for him but we were in a rush to leave that it was left at home:( We had to improvise with kleenex, hat, and scarf and it more or less did the trick :) We made sure he went to the bathroom before the show as well so that that was out of the way.

Yes, we are very protective of him.
We actually thought Tintin would be too complex of a story for him to follow. We watched one of the old episodes of the TV show Tintin Friday night so that he would get to know the characters before going to see the movie. I watched it for the first time myself too! Up until now, Tristan is only used to watching things like Curious George, Thomas the Train, and Winnie the Pooh. Tintin is also a long movie compared to what he is used to. We arrived early too so that meant he had to sit even longer! He did great though and he seemed to enjoy being in the company of others watching :)

For those of you thinking of bringing your little ones to watch Tintin, it's a great little adventure animation and it's directed by Steven Spielberg so you can't go wrong there! The fast action scene through the market was insane. I couldn't help but think it must have taken forever to create. I couldn't even follow it all but it was sure exciting. For someone who never read a thing about Tintin before, I thought it was a good movie but Jean-Louis thought it was super good :) He hopes all the other Tintin stories makes it to the big screen as well. He says it was very well done. He's a Tintin fan so if he says it's great, it must be!


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