Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taylor Park's Bike Skills Park

A few weeks ago, we discovered a bike skills park in our neighborhood. It's funny because we have been going to this park for years but we never ventured into the area south of the basketball courts. We drive there occasionally with Tristan's bike so he can bike in the field. Lately, I have been taking advantage of the opportunity to run laps around the field while Tristan bikes. It's usually on a day that Jean-Louis does his crazy 100KM bike ride so he doesn't need to run and he just watches Tristan while Tristan bikes.

The bike skills park area is not well maintained but I was so thrilled to see it there. There are weeds growing everywhere but it's still bike-able. I love that it had easy areas for toddlers and harder areas for more experienced bikers. Tristan loves it there and he loves being able to do more challenging things than just biking on leveled ground. He has developed great balance on his Strider and puts up his feet when he goes fast or down slopes. He's taking more risk and of course getting more bruises. It's all part of the process! He's 2 1/2 now but I think next year he may be ready for a pedaled bike and maybe biking camp :)


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