Monday, August 22, 2011

1 month boot camp completed

Boot camp actually ended for me last Wednesday. Just in time for all the desserts for our anniversary the day after :) Yeah, that was somewhat planned. So the results are in! I lost 7 pounds. That's the good news. And that happened after the first 2 weeks. The last 2 1/2 weeks I gained a pound and then lost a pound. That's the bad news:( Oh well.

What did I do for boot camp? I had to drastically cut down my food intake and eliminate sweets. A typical breakfast was suppose to be a slice of toast and a couple pieces of fruit. I would skip lunch or have a few pieces of fruit and then a typical dinner would be 2 cups of whatever we were having, then some fruit. This food contract may have worked 6 years ago when I wasn't so overweight and addicted to sweets. This time around it proved unrealistic and I pretty much cheated on food every day! I couldn't help it. By the time dinner came, I was starving and ended up overeating. Instead of 2 cups of food, I may have eaten 3 or 4 cups. Also I cheated with the sweet desserts maybe once every week or two:( Boo. I suck.

In terms of exercise, I had to run 5 times a week and do body exercises for 10 minutes 5 days a week. The run was pretty much the only thing I did. I did body exercises maybe 3 times a week. Again, I suck.

With all the cheating, boot camp really wasn't that bad. The first week was horrible. Then every now and then was horrible. Now that it's over, I'm not going back to my old ways. No way! I'm going to run a bit less and I will still be careful not to overeat. The baking and sweet treats is my biggest weakness right now but I will try my best to control that too. Wish me luck! ;)


Lisa said...

I am with you on the sweet treats. My total downfall. The kids go to bed early and I love to bake. I really have to stop that. Good luck.
I started writing everything I eat down through a free iphone app called my fitness pal and I had lost 2 pounds. Not sure now as that went out the window this weekend. But once I am back to work, I think it will be easier.

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