Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy 1000th day birthday Tristan!

Hey, it's not every day you get to acknowledge that someone is exactly 1000 days old! I couldn't resist making Tristan a cookie cake :) Then after dinner, bath, and teeth brushing, we gave him a new toy. Can we spoil a toddler or what??? :)

Just like his 500th day birthday, we found out about this 1000 day by accident. We bought an app to count down my labour when I was pregnant with Tristan. Now that the labour is complete it just counts up in days, hours, and minutes since his birth. We don't monitor it anymore since we have no reason to know. Last time Jean-Louis looked into it for fun, it said Tristan was 499 days old. Oh, interesting. Last night, I was having a conversation with one of my friends on Twitter about anniversary and numbers. It made me think of Tristan and how he was nearly 500 days old when we last checked so I asked Jean-Louis about it. I figured we probably missed the big 1000. Imagine how amused we were when we found out Tristan was 999 days old! True story I swear! Honestly, what are the odds that we could have found out in time in both cases? Crazy.


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