Monday, March 7, 2011

First public pee for Tristan

Yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day so we drove to North Vancouver. We continued driving on Marine Drive all the way to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. We admired the luxury mansions along the way and we played in the nearby park. There was a diving group there so we watched them in the water.

After wards, we drove to Delany's Coffee House and gave Tristan his lunch. Before leaving, I went into the bathroom to change Tristan's diaper. His diaper was actually pretty dry or completely dried. He then said he wanted to pee. I layered the toilet seat with toilet paper and placed him on top. I couldn't hear anything but when he got off, I saw that he peed. Woohoo! First public pee at 27 months!

It wasn't the first time we place him on a public toilet. They're difficult because we have to hold him and then there is the dirty factor. Yeah, I'm paranoid about this sort of thing. Tristan couldn't care less but man, I was so excited about his first public pee :) Tristan is increasing doing better and better with his potty training. He wears both diapers and pull-ups now. He is holding his pee more and more since we often find that his diaper is dry. We noticed the same thing from his daycare report.

We don't have many diapers in stock at home but we have tons of wipes. We find that we barely use wipes anymore since his diapers are not that dirty. Tristan has not pooed in his diaper for a very long time now. I think he is pretty much potty trained for #2 :) He is making great progress for #1 too. It might just be time for me to start buying him some underwear :)


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