Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow day late February

When it snows inside the city in Vancouver, it's a big event. A big event for the kids, that is! It snows a lot on the mountains but you need to drive up there first to enjoy it. This year, it has only snowed three or four times in the city. Each time it snowed, the snow would stick around for half a day or less. I'm not talking about the yucky snow that may linger for days. It's the nice, soft snow that covers the ground that we want to play in. When it snows, we try to get outside as soon as enough snow accumulates.

Yesterday, we woke up to snow. There was around 5 centimeters of snow on the ground. Actually, we woke up to the sound of Tristan, followed by the sound of the telephone ringing :) My sister tried to call us to see if we wanted to go out and play in the snow. The forecast was calling for rain and she wanted to leave before all the snow washed away. Luckily, we got out before the rain started.

We walked to a nearby field with sloped hills. It was perfect for tobogganing. Too bad Tristan was not interested in doing it. We're not sure if he was scared or whether he was just not interested. He's probably scared, eh? Maybe next year when he is 3, he will be more excited. Too bad. I did go down with him once but right after, he said he didn't like it. Well, at least I had fun! :)

Tobogganing in late February from Mommying Around on Vimeo.


harriet glynn said...

It's funny how badly we want to do certain things and our toddlers aren't necessarily as keen!

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