Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines is all about eating here

Over the weekend, I baked Valentine cookies for daycare. We received a list of 14 kids, including Tristan, and 5 staff members. I know this list is much larger when the kids go to school so for now I didn't mind personalizing cookies for each child and staff in Tristan's toddler room. The designs and decorating were easy. The hardest part was writing each person's name since my icing was a bit too runny. Instead of fixing the icing, I just wrote as carefully as I could with the runny icing. It turned out alright anyway.

Today is Valentine's day and pajama day at daycare. Everyone in the toddler room were in PJs, including the staff. This is Tristan's first pajama day. I dressed him normally and then changed him into his PJs when we arrived. All the kids were still wearing their shoes though. I was wondering about that. I think they cranked up the heat too because I was sweating bullets when I arrived.

I suggested to Jean-Louis to take the day off work today but it really wasn't a big deal so he decided he would just go to work. He says that "every day is Valentines here." Okay, whatever you say! I don't think we have exchanged any Valentines gifts since we got married. We acknowledge the day with a nice meal and that is about it. We're totally fine about it too :) We've done this many times before, even before Tristan existed.

After a bit of work this morning, I spent a large part of my day cooking. I took a break when Jean-Louis and I walked to daycare to pick up Tristan. We brought his Valentine's bag home and was impressed he also received lots of gifts, on top of the cards. There were candy, pencils, markers, play doh, stickers etc. I can see why kids love Valentines! It might just be the third best holiday after Christmas and Halloween :)

We love lobster! Typically, we have lobster because it's special and usually on special at the stores during Valentines :) I made it Chinese-Hawaiian style with ginger and green onions this time. Here was our Valentines menu and it was delicious :)

  • Cream of broccoli soup (leftovers we had to finish *blush*)

  • Ginger lobster
  • Stir fry shitake mushrooms, zuchinni, and pressed tofu
  • Corn
  • Served with coconut rice, ginger tea

  • Reine de Saba (French chocolate/almond cake)
  • Valentine cookies
  • Strawberries
After Tristan went to bed, I wrote this blog and then Jean-Louis and I did something we normally don't ever do. He suggested it too so I was shocked. We looked at old photographs of us together. I know! When he suggested it, I told him "that's very feminine of you." It was great but I was also super sleepy.

So there you have it! Our third Valentine's day with Tristan was good. Not just good, it was yummy :) Happy Valentines everyone!


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