Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loving the canvas print!

Recently, we purchased a canvas print from CanvasPop. It's our first one and I'm quite impressed with the quality of it. We always wanted to get a canvas print so when Groupon had a deal on it, I just had to get it! Here are the dimensions and settings in our order:

Size: 16 X 20
Frame: 0.75" deep
Edge: Photo Wrap
Free Digital Proof

The hardest part about this purchase was having to choose the right photo. We have over 6000 photos that are flagged and most of them are good! I love the photo wrap effect so I really wanted to find a photo that I could apply the effect to. Luckily, CanvasPop provides a free digital print for you to see before they do the actual printing :) After a few days, we ended up going with something that was colorful. It's sitting in our living room right now but if we were to move it elsewhere one day into a darker area like the hallway, the print should still stand out nicely because it's a bright portrait.


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