Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy kids preschool fair

I don't normally do this but I find that I'm doing it more and more now that Tristan is older and wants to go out and socialize all the time. This morning we went to the fair at Edmonds Community School. Admission was free, the times were perfect, the weather was dry, and there was going to be a FIRE TRUCK! Honestly, I had no excuse not to go.

The gyms were filled with community health professionals so that you could consult them about your child's growth and development and receive information about their vision, speech, dental, health and nutrition. There were also lots of displays, face painting, art station, fishpond, healthy snack room etc. Every station seemed to have some kind of activity like coloring, making headbands, playing with play dough, getting tattoos, or playing a game. It was busy but not overly busy.

When the fire truck came, we went outside. Tristan loves fire trucks but he has never seen a real one and it was HUGE. He wanted to go sit in the driver's seat and turn the wheel but at the same time he was scared. Every time I let go of him to take a picture, he was scared. Let's just say I didn't get even one smile from him when we were anywhere near the fire truck. Ok, he really was scared so I didn't want to push him. The ridiculously friendly firemen there didn't help either.

Tristan had his face painted for the first time. He got to walk and run around a lot. We also got goodies from the various stations including sunglasses, a big bib, fun loot bag at the fish pond and puzzles. We didn't make it to the snack room because we ran out of time. That's okay since I brought my own thinking we weren't going to be fed at all. It's so nice for them to offer this free event and provide all the services and even give us snacks.

I think Tristan had a good time. I had a surprise run-in with an old classmate from grad school. Not only did Tristan get to socialize, mommy did too :) I'm so glad we went. If this is an annual event, I'll be going again. Hopefully next year Tristan will actually smile for me on the fire truck :)


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