Sunday, July 4, 2010

Potty training in full swing

Tristan was probably ready to be potty trained back when he was just 15 months old. Many times, he would point to his diaper after he pooed. When he turned one, we brought the potty out so that he would get used to seeing it in the bathroom. At around 15 months, we started to put him on the potty every now and then to sit so that he would get used to it. Some times we would put him on it with his pants on. When I would pee, I would put him on to sit across from me. We weren't very serious about training him then but we wanted him to feel comfortable about going to the potty. We knew we were going to France and we didn't want to have to potty train him there so we decided to just delay everything.

It's been two weeks since we have been back from vacation. The first week back was just about getting readjusted. The second week, he peed in the potty for the first time. Today, he pooed twice in the potty. Each time, he told us beforehand and we would sit for around 5 to 10 minutes before he would do it. We read to him each time and we would talk or sign to him. Some times we sang to him. We did this so that he would remain seated. Lately, we also tried to teach him how to push. He now makes the pushing noise when we sign potty :)

At 19 months and starting the toddler room at daycare, this is good timing for all of us. In the toddler room, they put all the kids on the potty whether they are ready or not. For those who are not, they will get used to sitting on the potty. We weren't sure if the staff in the infant room would have put him on the potty and sit with him, if we had trained Tristan earlier. There definitely needs to be consistency in the routine if we want to teach him.

Some babies are ready to be potty trained earlier than others. Tristan looked like he would be ready early and right now we are off to a great start! He actually seems anxious to be potty trained :) I hear it isn't that easy so I'm interested to see what happens this week. I'm actually really glad that Tristan spends two weekdays with me at home. If daycare doesn't take care of his potty needs, I can try to make up for some of that while he is at home with me.


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