Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another week, another accident at daycare

Today, I had to sign two reports about Tristan's accident at daycare. It stated that he was running with another child, the child lost balance and ended up pushing Tristan to the floor. He landed face first, with his hands down. His forehead is scratched, his palms are bruised, and he bit his lip (or tongue). I see a blood spot on his lip so I think it was just the lip. He was bleeding from the mouth, which is why I had to sign a second report. I think. Normally, I just sign the one. The staff that asked me to sign the second report wasn't totally sure. They cleaned him up, iced him a bit, and gave him lots of hugs.

When I asked if all these accidents are normal, the staff there mentioned yeah, especially if he just came from the infant room. Yup, first month in the toddler room is proving to be a nasty one. Considering he only goes to daycare three days a week, it is as though he gets injured every other day. An injury a week and all in his face too :( Good thing we have no plans for any picture taking in the near future. My poor baby :(


harriet glynn said...

It really is part of being a toddler. I took Theo to an Open Gym today. I am shocked no one emerged with blood on their hands!!

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